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sculpture | decor | metalsmithing

sculpture | decor | metalsmithing sculpture | decor | metalsmithing
Artist Statement

To me, creating art is a result of experimentation, curiosity, vision and, and above all – “following your bliss”. I feel that my work should be something that touches someone and provides lasting enjoyment for them. I wish to convey a sense of permanence, which is why I find working with metal so fulfilling. I began my own artistic journey in the world of photography, before moving to sculpture and furniture. It was fascinating to me to be able to capture a moment in time and transform it into permanence. My work today is inspired by nature, industrialization, technology and the cosmos.

I work in metal sculpture, hand raised copper, aluminum, and steel vessels, as well as furniture. My work consists almost of entirely re-claimed, remnant and re-purposed raw materials. My furniture is inspired by nature, industrial, modern/post-modern, and asian influences. My abstract work tends to lean toward a technological influence. This may not be as we understand technology today, but a re-interpretation of past technology. It is important that my organic work move and weather, just as the inspiring items do in nature. With this weathering, the piece provides exceptional range and hopefully a fresh perspective as the years go by, as we should gather in our own lives. 

I am not out to make a personal statement or to invoke controversy, but to bring joy and an appreciation for the good in life. My work should appeal on a number of levels, not just be recognized as technically well done. I believe that if I don’t actually touch something positive in you with my work, I have failed. It is my sincere hope that my work has given you joy and happiness.


John was born in rural Indiana, and was raised by depression era parents, who valued simplicity and function, something he tries to continue to value today. As a young man John began his art career in photography. He was lucky enough to have a mentor early in his life, who taught him to: “Focus on what appeals to your eye. If you do this, your focus will result in an appealing image to the end viewer.” John has travelled the world, but mostly Asia and the Pacific. 

John greatly attributes his outlook on life to this period. By traveling through varying cultures and socioeconomic conditions he realized that beauty was not limited to any one culture, geography or religion, and that similarities occur throughout the world. He settled in Hawaii for a time before moving to Denver. It was in Hawaii that John happened upon renowned theologian and lecturer Joseph Campbell who has been a tremendous influence in John’s own faith and in turn, his work.

John moved to Colorado in 1989, where he feels he will finish out his life. “The diversity that this region represents is incredible. From the high mountains, to the prairie, to the desert southwest, it’s simply incredible.” John currently resides in Granby, CO, with his wife and faithful shop dog, Dreyko.